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You see all those people driving cars through pylons, testing and developing their driving skill and you think to yourself, "This looks like fun, I wish I could do this in a fun and safe manner without Officer Friendly writing me more tickets than Smokey and the Bandit"

Well, fret no more, ER Sports Car Club is here!

ER is devoted to setting up events that are fun and safe. Here's how you can test your ability safely with your daily driver or weekend racer without the fear of wreaking your life savings. All events are based around SOLO style competition. This means ONLY ONE CAR ON THE COURSE AT A TIME. The courses are setup using orange rubber pylons to simulate small road courses. Cars are spaced out to prevent possible contact with another car (keeps you from swapping paint with the other fellow!)

ER organizes events, usually held on a Saturday or a Sunday :

Time Trials or Autocrosses are similar to the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) SOLO I I style events. This allows everyone to compete safely, just you, your car, the course and the stop watch timing you!  The top speed reached are usually below 70 MPH on race cars with the typical street car obtaining 55-60 MPH in short straight-aways.  The course combines sweeping corners, medium and tight turns, and slalom sections.  Runs are made one at a time, from a standing start.  The course is a test of the drivers ability to negotiate the course in the shortest time possible given the confines of the course lay-out. Car control skills are the most important factor in turning a quick time, speed plays less a part due to the limited straight-aways.

Requirements Your car must have seatbelts and you must wear an SCCA approved helmet. Your car must be in good mechanical condition and pass a short tech inspection before participating. Tech inspection consists of a check of the vehicles basic function i.e. steering, brakes, throttle, and basic mechanical condition. All loose items Must be Removed from the vehicle before the car will pass tech. 

Choose a section below to learn more... and REMEMBER Drag racing has fast cars - Autocross has fast Drivers.

Solo II Novice Handbook A guide for first timer... what to do, how to prepare, what to expect
Autocross FAQ Team Net Autocross Frequently Asked Questions
Solo II Car Classifications A guide to what class your car belongs in
Florida Region SCCA Home page for the Florida Region SCCA
Sports Car Club of America SCCA Home page
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