July 21-22, 2001
Equipe Rapide Autocross Videos

These are the video clips shot at the July 21st and 22nd, 2001 Autocross held on the grounds of the Miami Metro Zoo.

I want to offer a special note of thanks to club member Alberto Puglese
for shooting video at this event and sharing it with us. Thanks Alberto!,

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All of these videos have been encoded using the DivX video format for the best quality with the smallest possible filesize. If you have a problem viewing these videos, please make sure that you've downloaded the proper video codec as described on the Video Index page.

Don Dora's 911

Take a hot lap with Don and his vintage 911.

Download this 8.13MB DivX video. (1:03 Minutes)

M Roadster

Alberto takes a lap in and around the puddles on the drying course.

Download this 7MB DivX video. (0:54 Minutes)

Frank's Alfa Romeo Spider

Frank Luaces pushes his Alfa Romeo Spider hard and finds how much is too much!

Download this 10.1MB DivX video. (1:17 Minutes)

Boxster Lap

Take a hot lap with the Boxster and watch for the quick "catch" as the car loses traction on wet tires.

Download this 4.13MB DivX video. (0:31 Minutes)

Z06 Driveby

Corvette Driveby

Download this 1.56MB DivX video. (0:32 Minutes)

Mark Mosko's '74 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

Take a ride with Mark Mosko and his '71 Alfa GTV 2000.

Download this 10.4MB DivX video. (1:12 Minutes)

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