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Last Updated: July 9th 2004

Terry Riedel has put together a great collection of autocross and time trial videos for you.

In order to watch our collection of video clips, you will need to download the DivX Video Bundle from C|Net  The DivX video format offers the highest video quality in the smallest possible file sizes.
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Wanna see more? Check out Terry's site, for lots more great autocross and motorsports video clips!

If things still aren't working for you - send Terry an email for painfully slow and begrudging support. (Hey, what did you expect for free?)

August 21, 2005 Nationals Practice
October 24, 2004 Autocross
August 22, 2004 Autocross
July 25, 2004 Autocross
November 2002, Autocross
October 2002, Autocross
September 2002, Autocross
June 9th Autocross
May 25th - 27th Speedtrial / Autocross
April 27th & 28th Speedtrial / Autocross
October 20th and 21st Speedtrial / Autocross
August 11th and 12th Speedtrial / Autocross
July 21st and 22nd Speedtrial / Autocross
June 9th and 10th Speedtrial / Autocross

May 19th and 20th Autocross and Speedtrial

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