April 27-28, 2002
Equipe Rapide Autocross Videos

These are the video clips shot at the April 27th and 28th, 2002 Autocross held on the grounds of the Pompano Park Harness Track in Pompano Beach, Florida.

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Jim Grob's Acura NSX

Jim Grobs's Acura NSX

Jim Grob is always fast and smooth in his Acura NSX - watch him carve up the long autocross course.

Download this 8.64MB MPEG video. (0:51 Minutes)

Mazda Miata drifting from cone to cone

Drifting Miata

The driver of this Miata really knows how drift his car - see for yourself!

Download this 8.55MB MPEG video. (0:51 Minutes)

Pascal puts the power down!

Pirelli Sale!

Someone told Pascal that Tirerack.com was having a big sale. Watch Pascal leave all kinds of rubber on the track with his supercharged V8 Jaguar XKR.

Download this 3.63MB MPEG video. (0:21 Minutes)

Flying Cones, missed shifts - what a rough run!

Rough Run!

This clip has it all - screeching tires, flying cones and grinding gears!

Download this 6.02MB MPEG video. (0:35 Minutes)

Brooks Weisblat's Viper

Brooks Weisblat's Viper

It's always a blast watching Vipers on the track!

Download this 7.1MB MPEG video. (0:44 Minutes)

Stan Pearlman's 911

Stan Pearlman's 911

Stan puts in a smooth lap around the autocross track in his beautiful 911.

Download this 9.08MB MPEG video. (0:54 Minutes)

Miata Cooks it's Brakes!

Brake Shake-N-Bake!

This Miata really cooks the brake pads!
I guess he heard about the same tire sale that Pascal did!

Download this 3.21MB MPEG video. (0:19 Minutes)

RX-7 does a power slide

Tony's Turbo Miata

Argricultural racing does not qualify you for a Federal farm subsidy - no matter how you plow your field!
Check out Tony Schreiber and his turbocharged Miata!

Download this 8.3MB MPEG video. (0:49 Minutes)

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