May 25-27, 2002
Equipe Rapide Autocross Videos

These are some of the video clips shot at the Memorial Day weekend autocross. The event was held at a parking lot of the Hialeah Race Track May 25th through the 27th, 2002.

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Jim Grob's Acura NSX

Jim Grobs's Acura NSX

Jim Grob is always fast and smooth in his Acura NSX - watch him carve up the autocross course.
(0:57 Minutes)

5.88MB DivX or 9.6MB MPEG Video

Wheelspin Baby!

Mr. Excitement

I've got one word for this clip, "wheelspin"
See it for yourself! (0:55 Minutes)

5.65MB DivX or 9.26MB MPEG Video

Frank Jacob's new ride

Frank Jacobs

Frank has traded in his S2000 for a new Z06.  You can bet he'll be fast in this thing all season long!
(0:57 Minutes)

5.88MB DivX or 9.61MB MPEG Video

Mom's gonna be pissed!

Hauling the Groceries!

Boy is mom gonna be pissed when she finds out what you did with her car! This video is proof-positive that you really can "run what you brung" at Equipe Rapide!
(0:54 Minutes)

5.56MB DivX or 9.12MB MPEG Video

Brian Jolly

Brian Jolly

Brian Jolly puts in a nice lap in the CP class.
(0:49 Minutes)

5.08MB DivX or 8.33MB MPEG Video

Peter Smith's Neon

Peter Smith's Neon

Peter Smith puts in a great lap in his Neon in pursuit of the lead of the STS class. (0:43 Minutes)

4.44MB DivX or 7.28MB MPEG Video

Victor Leo's Supercharged Mustang!

Victor's Supercharged Mustang!

I don't have a clue how you keep this much power down on the track! (0:51 Minutes)

5.18MB DivX or 8.52MB MPEG Video

Jose Comacao's Mitsubishi Evo

Jose's Mitsubishi Evo

Jose Comacao puts in a nice lap in his Mitsubishi Evo
(0:49 Minutes)

5.03MB DivX or 8.29MB MPEG Video

Walter Smith's Miata

Walter Smith

Walter Smith puts in a nice lap in his Miata
(0:53 Minutes)

5.48MB DivX or 8.97MB MPEG Video

Rene Giro's MP3

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Rene Giro puts in a nice lap in his Mazda MP3
(0:48 Minutes)

4.86MB DivX or 8.04MB MPEG Video

Alberto at the Speedtrial

Alberto Pugliese

Alberto submitted this great video clip of him taking a lap at Monday's Speedtrial in his BMW M-Roadster
(1:02 Minutes)

6.43MB DivX Video

Joan Clark

Joan Clark

Joan Clark teaches a cone who's boss!
(1:02 Minutes)

4.16MB DivX or 6.8MB MPEG Video Motorsports Video & Photography

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