June 9th, 2002
Equipe Rapide Autocross Videos

These are some of the video clips shot at the one day, June 9th, 2002 autocross held at the Hialeah Race Track

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Andrew King Spins

Andrew King Spins his Swift

Andrew King loops his Suziki Swift at the very end of the track, but still manages a second place finish for the day in his class!
(1:29 Minutes)

9.23MB DivX or 14.8MB MPEG Video

Michael Szendry's Mustang

Michael Szendry

It's official, Michael is no longer a virgin!
See for yourself! (1:19 Minutes)

8.06MB DivX or 13.1MB MPEG Video

Tony's Turbocharged Miata

Tony Schreiber

Tony Schreiber puts in a nice lap in his turbocharged Mazda Miata - give a cone a bump!
(1:02 Minutes)

6.3MB DivX or 10.4MB MPEG Video

Shredded Rubber!


Rene Giro trashes one his tires on his Mazda MP3 after missing a gate on the autocross track
(1:25 Minutes)

8.93MB DivX or 14.1MB MPEG Video

Joe Regner Taking Out Cones!

Joe Regner

Joe Regner has a rough lap - taking out a few cones - but still manages to bring home a second place finish.
(1:24 Minutes)

8.61MB DivX or 14MB MPEG Video

Ole's Honda S2000

Ole Pederson's S2000

Ole Pederson puts in a smooth, fast lap in his Honda s2000. (1:20 Minutes)

10.6MB DivX or 13.4MB MPEG Video

Joshua spins his S2000!

S2000 Spin!

Joshua Feingold had a great run going but his S2000 just went on it's own for a quick spin. No wories though, Joshua still goes home with a trophy! (1:23 Minutes)

8.47MB DivX or 12.9MB MPEG Video

Leo drags a cone off the track

Leo Drags A Cone

As usual, Leo Lopez puts on one heck of a show in his monster Mustang. Not one to disappoint, Leo takes a souvenier of his run with him.
(1:30 Minutes)

9.26MB DivX or 15.1MB MPEG Video

Luis Sanchez's Mini

Luis Sanchez's Mini!

Luis Sanchez - a first time autocrosser - brought his brand new Mini Cooper to the track.
(1:27 Minutes)

11.7MB DivX or 14.4MB MPEG Video

Jose Garcia

Jose Garcia

Check out Jose Garcia and his vintage mustang!
(1:01 Minutes)

6.33MB DivX or 10.2MB MPEG Video

Scott McClure Spins

Scott McClure Spins

Scott McClure loops his Honda CRX.
(1:08 Minutes)

6.87MB DivX or 11.3MB MPEG Video

Joan Clark

Joan Clark

Joan puts in a great run in her beautiful Z06!
(0:50 Minutes)

5.2MB DivX or 8.47MB MPEG Video

Ivan Santa Cruz

Ivan Santacruz

Ivan puts in a nice lap in his M3
(1:05 Minutes)

6.71MB DivX or 10.9MB MPEG Video

Brian Jolly

Brian Jolly

Take a look at Brian Jolly and his race prepped Camaro
(0:59 Minutes)

6.02MB DivX or 9.84MB MPEG Video

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You can find more videos from this event on Terry's personal website, RiedelVideo.com including on-board footage with Joe Schreiber, Phillip Delossantos and Joseph Regner!

VHS Copies of taped runs (included footage not seen online) are available.

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