July 25th, 2004
SCCA/Equipe Rapide Autocross Videos

These are some of the video clips shot at the July 25th, 2004 autocross held at the Homestead-Miami Motorspeedway

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Joe Side View

Joseph Regner (Mini #1)

Joseph Regner puts his Mini thru it's paces. (1:07 Minutes)

11.5mb Mpeg Video

Joe Top View

Joseph Regner (Mini #2)

Joe sets the pace in STX. (1:08 Minutes)

11.6mb Mpeg Video

Joe Side 2

Joseph Regner (Mini #3)

Joseph Regner plows around the course trying to figure out when the understeer will stop.
(1:08 Minutes)

11.6mb Mpeg Video

Alex Side View!

Alex Cisneros (Mazda RX8)

Alex takes his SUSTEC equiped RX8 around the course to get a clean run out of the day.
(1:13 Minutes)

12.4mb Mpeg Video

Brad Side View!

Brad Klein (Camaro)

Brad Klein warms up Carl's Camaro and edges him out at the end of the day with a 2nd fastest time of the day. (1:03 Minutes)

10.8mb Mpeg Video

Carl Side View

Carl Couric (Camaro)

Carl takes a passenger for a ride along with a few cones for good measure.
(1:04 Minutes)

10.9mb Mpeg Video

Michael Top View

Victor Leo (Mustang)

Can't say much other than "WOW"! Just hold on and crank up your computers speakers.
(1:03 Minutes)

10.9mb Mpeg Video

Kiko Side View 1

Kiko Seibt (WRX Sti #1)

Many bets were going through the pits on if the camera could actually hold onto this STi beast while it was expertly piloted through the course by Kiko. (1:03 Minutes)

10.8mb Mpeg Video

Kiko Side View 2

Kiko Seibt (WRX Sti #2)

Kiko eeks out a slightly faster run.
(1:04 Minutes)

11.0mb Mpeg Video

Kiko Side Veiw 3

Kiko Seibt (WRX Sti #3)

Sit back, watch how an FTD run is made!
(1:09 Minutes)

11.8mb Mpeg Video

Video footage provided by Joseph Regner


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