August 22nd, 2004
SCCA/Equipe Rapide Autocross Videos

These are some of the video clips shot at the August 22nd, 2004 autocross held at the Hialeah Park.

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Joe Side View

Joseph Regner (Mini - Run #2)

This is the reason you don't forget to put your numbers on your car when running a two driver car! Thanx Peter! . (1:08 Minutes)

12.6mb Wmv Video

Joe Top View

Lance Elbertson (Mini - Run #2)

Watch Lance as he probably runs his last ever autox in a MINI Cooper and shows you how to get around quickly! (0:50 Seconds)

9.5mb Wmv Video

Joe Side 2

Alex Cisneros (Mazda RX8 - Run #2)

Watch as Alex Cisneros man handles his SUSTEC equiped RX8 through a slightly damp course at Hialeah. (0:56 Seconds)

10.4mb Wmv Video

Alex Side View!

Alex Cisneros (Mazda RX8 - Run #3)

Grab hold for a fun ride 1 inch above the cones as Alex drives around a dry course.
(1:00 Minutes)

11.1mb Wmv Video

Brad Side View!

Gordon Sabga (Evo - Run #2)

Ride along with Gordon as he shows nice and smooth can still be fast when you've got 270hp and AWD on tap! (0:52 Seconds)

9.7mb Wmv Video

Carl Side View

Doug Quara (Miata - Run #3)

Doug takes us for a wild ride 1 inch above the cones and pulls of an incredibly fast run while giving a passenger one hell of ride.
(0:50 Seconds)

9.5mb Wmv Video

Video footage provided by Joseph Regner


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