May 19-20, 2001
Equipe Rapide Autocross Videos

These are the video clips shot at the May 19th and 20th, 2001 Autocross held on the grounds of the Miami Metro Zoo.

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Frank Jacob Spins

Frank Jacobs Spins his Honda S2000

Watch Frank Jacobs make two runs through the course in his S2000. There's even a brief interview with Frank!

Download this 8.61MB DivX video. (1:24 Minutes)

Dodge Neon gets up on three wheels

3 Wheeling Neon

This driver dives into the first turn and does a great job of rotating the car and lifts a rear wheel in the process.

Download this 3.78MB DivX video. (0:46 Minutes)

Z06 Corvette Spins

Z06 Corvette Spins

Watch as this driver breaks his Z06 loose while threading his car through the cones.

Download this 5.5MB DivX video. (0:54 Minutes)

Alberto Pugliese's M Roadster

Alberto Pugliese M Roadster

Alberto pushes his Silver BMW M Roadster hard around the course.

Download this 8.63MB DivX video. (1:13 Minutes)

Mark Mosko's 1974 Alfa Romeo

Mark Mosko's 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

There's nothing quite like watching a vintage car in action.
More great photos at South Florida Alfa Romeo Owners Club

Download this 5.9MB DivX video. (0:47 Minutes)

Jim Grob spins his NSX

Jim Grob Spins His NSX

We asked Jim for his comments on this memorable moment and here's what he had to say,
"I practice this three or four times a year just to learn my limits. If you try this on your own, remember to spin about the center line of the car. That keeps you on the road and be very easy on the brake pedal. Now if you think I did this on purpose, well, I have a bridge for sale......"

Download this 6.16MB DivX video. (0:58 Minutes)

BMW M Coupe nearly looses it

M Coupe Oversteer

Watch for the big correction coming off the last corner!

Download this 4.76MB DivX video. (0:53 Minutes)

RX-7 does a power slide

Red RX-7 Slides

Watch this RX-7 driver put down the power and correct some heavy oversteer mid-course.

Download this 4.5MB DivX video. (0:44 Minutes)

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