June 9-10, 2001
Equipe Rapide Autocross Videos

These are the video clips shot at the June 9th and 10th, 2001 Autocross held on the grounds of the Miami Metro Zoo.

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Viper GTS Lawnboy

This why you never, ever set your camera up at the end of braking zone! Duh!
Wanna see more great Vipers? Check out the South Florida Chapter of the Viper Club of America

Download this 668KB DivX video. (0:13 Minutes)

Carl's Vette

Watch Carl carve a couple of laps around the course!

Download this 5.41MB DivX video. (1:00 Minutes)

Armando's Spin

Tires, who needs 'em? Watch Armando Valdes perform a classic high speed ballet in his M Roadster!

Download this 3.13MB DivX video. (0:46 Minutes)

Mustang Pirouette

The #31 Mustang puts down the power and does a pylon pirouette!

Download this 1.63MB DivX video. (0:16 Minutes)

'72 Jaguar XKE

Watch Pascal Gademere thread this vintage 12 cylinder Jaguar XKE around the course.
Check our more great Jaguars, including Pascal's, at The South Florida Jaguar Club.

Download this 4.46MB DivX video. (0:51 Minutes)

Boxster S Spins

Watch this Boxter S do a 180 coming off the final corner

Download this 2.79MB DivX video. (0:40 Minutes)

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