August 11th and 12th, 2001
Equipe Rapide Autocross Videos

These are the video clips shot at the August 11th and 12th, 2001 Autocross held on the grounds of the Miami Metro Zoo.

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A few of these videos have been encoded using the all new (September 2001) DivX 4.02 codecs.  If you haven't already upgraded, get the new codec from If you haven't upgraded yet, these videos may not play!  If you've upgraded your video codec and are still having problems, email

Brooks Weisblat's Viper

I love Viper's! Every time I watch them on the track, only two words come to mind - Kick Ass!

Download this 4.3MB DivX video. (0:31 Minute)

Jeff Rubin Spins

Jeff gets his M3 gets crossed-up and loops at the entrance of turn 1.

Download this 3.05MB DivX video. (0:26 Minutes)

Peter Muir's '89 Lotus Esprit SE

No trailer queen here!  Peter Muir isn't afraid to drive his Lotus the way it was meant to. 

Download this 3.05MB DivX video. (0:26 Minutes)

Randy Mueller's M3

The new E46 M3's are still pretty rare, but you can bet we'll see a lot more of them on the track in the months to come. Here's a clip of Randy Mueller practicing on the warmup lap.

Download this 4.15MB DivX video. (0:29 Minutes)

Pascal Gademer

Pascal never fails to entertain in his '72 XKE!

Download this 8.01MB DivX video. (1:00 Minute)

Link Eveleth

I'm pretty sure Link Eveleth would be smooth and fast in a Yugo, but he's driving a 911 instead. 

Download this 4.3MB DivX video. (0:31 Minute)

David Sullivan's Audi TT

Another relatively rare site on the autocross tracks is the Audi TT Quattro.  Watch David Sullivan give his a workout.

Download this 4.89MB DivX video. (0:37 Minute)

Alan Alesi's 914

Go ahead, try and catch up with Alan and try to tell him that the 914 isn't a "real" Porsche

Download this 10.6MB DivX video. (0:53 Minutes)

Vintage 911

I don't who's driving, but I do know that I love to watch vintage Porsche's on the track.

Download this 11.2MB DivX video. (1:20 Minute)

Armando Valdes

Armando Valdes puts in a hop lap in his beautiful M Roadster.

Download this 6.38MB DivX video. (1:02 Minutes)

#113 911

This beautiful Carrera gets just a little loose off one of the corners.

Download this 4.58MB DivX video. (0:42 Minute)

Carl's Vette

Lots to see in the video! Carl just barely clips a cone and then has to catch the car after splashing through a puddle.

Download this 5.93MB DivX video. (1:08 Minutes)

Mustang Slide

There's only two words to describe this clip - Opposite Lock!

Download this 2.05MB DivX video. (0:19 Minutes)

Porsche 944

This race prepped 944 is beautiful, smooth and definitely quick.

Download this 3.49MB DivX video. (0:39 Minutes)

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